Now Recruiting Volunteers

Now that the “York Remembers Rowntree” Oral History Project has begun, we are recruiting dedicated volunteers with an interest in history to join our team. Volunteer placements are flexible, part-time and unpaid. There will be a number of opportunities to join the project throughout the year. Volunteers will be selected after an interview and will received additional training where appropriate.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with the collection of memories and stories so that important local history is preserved for future generations.

Oral History Interviewers

Volunteers will be trained to record the memories of York residents who have a story to tell about Rowntree. Starting in November, a series of recordings will be made by members of the “York Remembers Rowntree” project team.

Volunteers will use audio equipment and get the chance to develop their interviewing skills by recording and digitising material for use on the project website and archives.

For more information please contact Suzanne Lilley by email, or download our Volunteer role description and Volunteer Application Form