News: Audio-post at Rowntree Park

To celebrate the first birthday of the project, we launched our interactive audio-listening post in Rowntree Park, featuring eight highlighted memories recorded by local residents over the past year. 

This post is still available for all to enjoy. Come and select a memory, turn the dial, crank the handle and listen to a unique piece of York history as it unfolds.

Choose from

  • -Brenda shares her love of the Joseph Rowntree Theatre
  • -Peter reveals what happened when the Cocoa Band went to a competition
  • -A former Rowntree’s worker describes how to pack a box of Black Magic
  • -Hear how Rowntree’s girls were chosen for dances during WWII
  • -John describes how peppermint was used in Polos
  • -An apprentice shares an embarrassing encounter when fixing the conveyor machines
  • -Listen how to make a chocolate box
  • -Jean describes life in the office block