Why a Rowntree Society?

When Joseph Rowntree was voted York’s man of the Millennium in 2000 it was noted that there was a danger of the Rowntree story being lost forever if there was nobody to act as its guardian and intermediary. That was more than 15 years ago. Now, in York, there is a huge interest in the city’s confectionery history, and a recognition of its place in social history. The Rowntree Society provides a reliable base of information that informs that growing interest.

What is our main objective?

We want to provide a narrative history of the York’s very rich Rowntree legacy, to equal the city’s Roman and Viking history.

Who funds the Rowntree Society?

We are grateful to our sponsors for our core funding, the Joseph Rowntree trusts, who enable us to carry out our work in telling the Rowntree story, and to help to further knowledge about the legacy in its widest sense. To fund specific projects we seek separate funding from grant-making trusts and individuals.

How are we related to the Joseph Rowntree trusts?

As an independent charity with its own board of trustees, the Rowntree Society works separately from the Joseph Rowntree trusts, although from time to time it collaborates and assists with the trusts, especially on legacy issues.

Who are our partners?

We work at different times and in different ways with many colleagues and partners, such as the York Museums Trust, Visit York, the York Civic Trust, local schools, universities, city and branch libraries, commercial and media organisations, local businesses, etc.

What kind of work do we do?

Our regular activities include provision of material through the website, lectures, and guided walks. We also run events in connection with, for example, anniversaries and landmark dates. We have created a range of educational, media and factual materials. We also advise on Rowntree history, we put people in contact with each other, and we deal with general enquiries.