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We are a small independent charity, with limited resources, and we welcome your support of all kinds, whether financially or by volunteering with your time or expertise.

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To make a financial donation (to one of our projects to help with our core costs),  it is easy to pay online (with or without Giftaid) via, click here for the link – or please get in touch with the Society about other ways of giving,

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We don’t have our own Rowntree archive, so we can’t easily accept donations of materials. If you are looking for a home for any item or photograph, we are happy to put you in touch with the relevant people and institutions who may be able to help you. Over the past few years we have successfully negotiated the transfer of some major collections of Rowntree materials into public collections, as well as scarce items of public interest or value.

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Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer to work on any of our projects. Examples of work that our recent volunteers have done include researching and writing materials for publication; helping out at events; oral history interviews; office work; database development, photography, etc.

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We are continuing to build a memories bank. If you would like to send us your memory you can do so at and it will be added to our collection.

Want to know more about the images on this site?

Most of the images on this site are low-resolution thumbnails, for illustrative purposes only, and a lot are taken from open-access sites on the Internet. In most cases we are unlikely to be able to provide further information about their provenance and we do not have access to high-resolution images for the purposes of reproduction in publications etc.

Want to know about our educational materials for schools?

See our Resources section for a selection of teaching materials specially commissioned by the Rowntree Society, and developed by Helen Snelson at the Mount School York. If you would like support in developing further teaching materials please get in touch,

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If you don’t find the right answer on this site please get in touch at the above address and we will do our best to answer your question or put you in touch with others who may be able to help you further. Contact

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The material in the Rowntree Wiki is intended to give a brief overview of Rowntree history. We welcome comments, corrections, and suggestions for a further entries. You can do this by email We can’t guarantee a personal response but we’ll ensure the right person receives your comment and any suggestions for changes on the website are given due consideration.

Want us to arrange a Rowntree walk or talk for you or your group?

We can arrange specialist walks and talks subject to requirements; for further information, contact

Want to make a comment about a Rowntree-named confectionery product you’ve bought ?

Please note that we have no connection at all with the production of any currently available Rowntree-branded product – they are all made by Nestlé nowadays. If you’ve got a consumer complaint or comment about any product you can do so by contacting Nestlé direct

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