Appeal for Information- the location of a WWI memorial

At The Rowntree Society we frequently get phone calls asking if we can help identify something or provide further information about a specific aspect of the Rowntree’s story. We always like to help where we can, but we are drawing a bit of a blank with this. So we hope that you can help!

A descendent of W.H. Webster is trying to find out more information about her grandfather’s life. Mr Webster was an employee of Rowntree’s, who joined up and was killed in action during the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915. He was one of many employees who enlisted and fought but never returned. In memory of their sacrifice the following memorial was commissioned.

WWI memorial plaque to The Machine Covering Dept.

WWI memorial plaque to The Machine Covering Dept.


However, this single photograph is all we have to show that the plaque existed. It is in addition to the larger WWI memorial which is currently sited outside the factory gates and lists all Rowntree’s employees who lost their life in the war.

Can you help?

Perhaps you have seen this memorial or read about it? You may be a former Rowntree’s employee who passed it everyday at work? Is one of you relatives listed on the memorial?

We would be very grateful for any information regarding this or any other aspect of Rowntree’s during WWI. Please get in touch either by phone on 01904 543384 or email

Thank you