2012 Projects

Rowntree Memories collection

Between 2009 and 2012 we created a memories bank. Some of these memories have been published in the York Press:

•  Rowntree memories: My dad fell in the jelly!
•  Rowntree Memories Shared
•  More Rowntree Memories
•  Nestlé Archive Shows the History of Rowntree’s Chocolate
•  Oh what memories (Letter)

We are still collecting written Rowntree memories. If you would like to send us your memory you can do so at info@rowntreesociety.org.uk

History of 28 Pavement

Joseph Rowntree was born in a building on this site and his father had his grocery business. With the support of the present owners of this historic building we documented the upstairs interior in film and still photography. A detailed architectural history has been compiled, as well as a chronological history. We created a travelling exhibition that was put on display in locations across the city over an 18-month period.

A unique contemporary account of the shop rules for the apprentices who lived on the top floors was uncovered in the course of this project and transcribed. (See Rowntree Society’s resources.)

This project (still ongoing) was supported by the Two Ridings Community Foundation, the William A Cadbury Charitable Trust, and Feoffees of St Michael Spurriergate.

You can view additional materials about the project on our resources page.



3 Short Films

With One & Other and Parashoots we produced three short films by a Rowntree collector – Click here to view the films.

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