2011 Projects

Mr Rowntree’s Retrospect

Helped by designers LazenbyBrown, we produced a short video film to mark the 100th anniversary of Joseph Rowntree becoming an honorary freeman of the City of York on 11 May 1911. The lecture Joseph gave to the corporation shows the big shifts that had taken place since his childhood and his time, and the film picked out the highlights of his lecture. This film was one of the first ever installations to be publicly shown in the 360 space in the Ron Cooke Hub at the University of York.  The Lord Mayor and Stephen Pittam (a trustee of the Rowntree Society) each gave a short speech; and the Joseph Rowntree School contributed with a ‘period’ tea.

•  Joseph Rowntree Honour to be Marked
•  Centenary of Joseph Rowntree Becoming a Freeman of York
•  BBC to show Seebohm Rowntree Programmes
•  Anniversary of Joseph Rowntree’s Freedom of the City is Marked
•  Joseph Rowntree’s 1911 Speech to the City Council

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Penn House opening

At York Residents Weekend in 2011 (and thanks to Bootham School) we opened up Penn (Top) House to the public, attracting around 2,000 visitors to 10 rooms of exhibitions in just two days. Many local schools and organisations were involved.

•  New Life for House Full of History
•  Historic Penn House and Other Highlights of York Residents Festival
•  Rowntree Society Thanks (Letter)