Second World War, Rowntrees and

York had to adapt for the Second World War and the Rowntrees had a key role to play. Affected by restrictions on sugar imports and rationing, the Rowntrees factories were temporarily converted. Much of Rowntree’s office block on Haxby Road was given over to the Royal Army Pay Corps. The cream department was reconfigured for the production of munitions, Ryvita and dried egg, while the gum department was converted into a secret fuse factory, named County Industries.

Rowntree Park, donated by Joseph Rowntree at the end of the First World War as  memorial to those who had fallen, added the gates at the Terry Street entrance to serve as a memorial to those who had also given their lives during the Second World War. Both Wars are commemorated by plaques in the Lych Gate, in the centre of the park next to the statue and fountains.

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