Cocoa Works Magazine

‘A Journal in the interests of employees of Rowntree & Co Ltd, York’, started in 1902, and continued until 1969, going through several editorial transformations that reflect the varying fortunes of the company’s history.  It was conceived by Joseph Rowntree as a means of maintaining communication between workforce and management at a time of expansion.

The early issues contain paternalistic messages from the company chairman, messages of support through the war years and great depression. The magazine is illustrated and contains a mixture of articles on the state of the business, reports of individual and group achievements on and off the shop-floor, and local matters relating to the employees and their life in York.

It also includes accounts of visits to the colonies where the cocoa was produced, with sections on sports, activities, holidays, individual leavers, obituaries. In short, this is a popular history of the company and an invaluable insight into 20th century life  at the Rowntree factory. In 1970 it was replaced by a factory newsletter.